The First Cut

The first grass cutting of the season is a very important and crucial step to the survival of
your lawn over the summer. As a landscape company that has been in the business for many
years, we have learned that the first cut is always the most important. Ensure fertilizer and
aeration is done early in the spring to open up the turf so it allows it to grow. Typically the first
grass cutting of the season will take place late April or early May, it all depends on the weather
and the amount of product used in the spring. When cutting for the first time ensure your
lawnmower blade is sharpened, a very sharp blade will help to cut the grass evenly and wont rip
the blades of grass. Are you wondering what height to cut your grass at? Well L.P.S has the
answer for you. To make sure your grass grows evenly in the spring consider raising the height
on your lawnmower to 3.5 inches. The increase in height will help to keep more nutrients in the
grass, this is a crucial step as it will help to keep the grass from burning in the summer!

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